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Pega Torabi/Studio City, CA
Joining Extreme Bridal Boot camp in August of 2008 was the best thing that I have done for myself. I always wanted to get into shape and go to the gym but never got myself to do it and I didn't know how to do it. My friend that was getting married introduced me to Jeannette and it was the best gift that anyone had ever given me. Now I had the power to get into shape for my big day in March.

Jeanette's workouts are amazing. Every time you go its something new. So you are never doing same old boring stuff. I'm not going to lie the first few weeks are tuff and sometimes you just want to quit. But with the encouragement of Jeanette and the the girls it makes you get yourself back up and do it. That's why I love Extreme Bridal Boot camp. I never thought I could do it till I joined the team.

When I started extreme bridal boot camp I was 145 pounds. I felt like I was fat and flabby. Immediately a month after I started, friends and family started to notice my results. I as losing inches around my waist, arms and legs. Everything was starting to get firm. I wasn't losing weight though. So Jeannette had me send her a food diary. I noticed then what I was doing wrong. With her corrections I started eating right. She also introduced me to a great diet plan called Isogenix. With her work outs and Isogenix I lost 15 pounds in just a few months and happy to say I haven't gained it back. I feel great and have tons energy. I don't fit in any of my old clothes and the took 3 dress sizes off my wedding gown. I love it.

Extreme Bridal Boot camp is great for anyone that hates the gym and doesn't like to work out on there own ( that was me). You make great friends at Extreme Bridal Boot camp which is great encouragement and motivation. You finally start to see results when you never thought you could. I love Jeannette and girls. Thank you so much for getting me back into shape..

Adrienne Khorasanee/Northridge, CA
I was engaged for a year and three months when I first joined Jeanette's boot camp, and I had three months to go until my wedding. Despite what I thought were my best efforts, my body seemed to be stuck at a size eight and simply refused to budge. Jeanette didn't force me to dramatically change my diet or make me kill myself with impossibly hard workouts. Rather, she motivated me to kick it up a notch and commit to a workout schedule that in turn made me actually want to eat healthier and and be more active. Jeanette and the other boot campers provided the boost of energy that I needed and I actually looked forward to those morning workouts. Along the way Jeanette pointed out ways I could improve my nutrition and maximize the benefits of the exercises we were doing, and she managed to give each of us one-on-one attention to help us reach our goals. I not only stuck to the plan, but I developed a habit of healthy living...and I dropped to a size 4 in three months! I walked down the aisle at the healthiest I've ever been, and I'm proud to say that I'm still hitting the gym and eating smart - even though the wedding dress has been retired to the closet I'm still wearing the skinny jeans I bought for the honeymoon! Jeanette is an inspiring coach and a motivating example, and while I lost many pounds off my frame I gained a friend in the process.

Michelle K/Northridge, CA
Despite being a distance runner since the age of 10, I can’t say enough great things about the boot camp training offered by Jeanette. I am use to lots and lots of hours of strenuous training; I am also dedicated to a lifetime fitness plan with healthy eating and proper nutrition. Even with all that, and now at the ripe ‘ole age of 41, the drills, interval and strength training I have undergone as a process of being part of Jeanette’s training has improved by endurance and balance tenfold. On top of that, I have improved my speed during my distance running workouts by at least 10-15%, some days even more. Though I have always had the determination and commitment to work out hard, the variety of the workouts in the training have reshaped my body quite differently than the running ever did. Jeanette really spends time developing routines that are filled with high energy, structure, and versatility. She gets involved and corrects your form so you get the best result out of every movement. Never a dull moment – monotony is not even a consideration. I look forward to waking up at 5:30 am for the 6:00 am morning trainings; she also offers evening sessions that work great when I am training for an event. It’s great to be able to mix and match my schedule. Trust me, I am not a morning person (and never have been), but the results you will witness far outweigh any inconvenience of waking early. This is for everyone regardless of your fitness level; particularly even more beneficial for those that are athletes and can take on a little more. No matter what your difficulty or goal is, whether it’s difficulty breathing, losing weight, back problems, or any other muscle or bone weakness that you might be experiencing, Jeanette will work around that and provide alternatives/assisted exercises that will help you develop strength in those deficient areas. In my particular situation, since I have a very curved arch in my center back, the “core” exercises were particularly difficult at first because I could not lay my back flat on the mat/floor. In less than a month, and with suggested exercises Jeanette gave me to do at home, I am now able to do lower stomach exercises that I could not do before. And being the competitive person that I am, it makes me really proud that I can finish the exercises with the rest of the group. What more can I say – invest in yourself with her programs and you will reap the rewards, both physically and emotionally. Stress has no place in what I call “booty camp.

Ann Marie Luna/Reseda, CA
Having played sports throughout high school and my twenties, working out can quickly become less important if you allow life to get in the way, as I did. Reaching my thirties, exercise took a different definition in my life: to lose weight and fit in smaller sizes. This change of perception made workouts burdensome and time consuming, along with the frustration of diet. I attended gyms and exercise classes, yet always seemed to arrive at the same results: an average body, incomprehensible need for proper nutrition and diet, and only reaching weight goals for particular events and occasions. My spirit was slowly becoming imbalanced, I was feeling closterphobic in gym workouts, and I yearned for a search for more, which is when I took up running outdoors to become more in tune with nature. Running outdoors helped me to find peace, strengthen my mind, and bring about a desire to take my fitness level to a place it had never reached before. That’s when I met Jeanette and she introduced me to her amazing fitness program with her boot camp. The fact that Jeanette’s program takes place outdoors allows one to stay in touch with nature, which is a needed energy most people forget to include in everyday life. The way she challenges the body, mind and spirit brings out a confidence in you that makes you want to reach your best fitness level not just a simple weight loss goal. My body has transformed like no other workout I’ve done in my life. Not only does this boot camp program cover cardio, but also isometrics and plyometrics allowing for an overall complete body makeover. The diversity of exercises challenges your body to its full potential. When there are times you feel you cannot finish, or there’s no way you can do a particular exercise, Jeanette’s encouragement strengthens you to break that comfort level and try until you achieve such goal, resulting in self-belief in your personal strength. The best part has been that she truly cares from the bottom of her heart no matter what fitness-level a person begins at. She thrives on helping her clients find results, reach their goals, and look and feel great about themselves. Her leadership is the most admirable. Determination and goal setting in her personal fitness program, competing in extensive competitions, and her energy and love for what she does allows for an amazing mentor to have in your life. Having been a part of her boot camp program for only 4 months, I have reached a balance in my life that I had never reached before. Working out is now a part of my everyday routine simply because I love it. I have taken on other outdoor activities such as long hikes, rock-climbing, and have substantially lengthened my distance in running, not to mention increased my speed. Jeanette knows that my goal this year is to run a marathon in 2009, and she is excited and eager to take me to that level to achieve such. I am deeply grateful to have been introduced to this program because when you become a part of it, you’re not just setting a temporary goal for weight loss, but instead truly making the best change in your life.

Inesa Papazyan/Encino, CA
Joining Extreme Bridal Boot camp in August of 2008 was thus far the best thing that I have done for myself. I always knew that I wanted to get in shape prior to my wedding but I wasn’t quite sure on how to do it myself. When I came across Jeanette’s website, I knew that I had to join if I wanted to become toned and build endurance for my big day on November 15, 2008.
My overall experience with Jeanette was amazing. She truly is experienced and a professional. Each workout was different, fun, and challenging. Jeanette always provided motivation and encouragement. Jeanette was very helpful in providing nutrition plans in order to assist me in reaching my goal.
I absolutely enjoyed the workouts and she is great with helping one achieve their goals. For example, I mainly wanted to lift, tone, and shape my lower body; therefore Jeanette incorporated many workouts with running up and down a hill and a set of stairs. Also, my arms developed definition and inches dropped off my waist. I completely recommend Jeanette’s genius workouts to anyone who has been contemplating about getting in shape. I know that without her programs I wouldn’t have been the confident, beautiful, and toned bride that I became on my wedding day.

Christi/Burbank, CA
Jeanette is a wonderful trainer. For me she gave the right amount of push to keep me going (especially when I didn't want to) and get in wedding dress/honeymoon ready form.
Not only was this the beginning of my life with my husband but the beginning of a healthier lifestyle. With tips on what and how to eat to prepare for my wedding we have incorporated healthier eating and exercise into our new life together.
Thanks Jeanette!!



Dina S./Los Angeles, CA
I worked with Jeanette 2 months before my wedding because I wanted to tone up and look my best on my wedding day. I already ate really healthy and worked out regularly, so I couldn't understand why I had put on 5 pounds that I just couldn't lose.

Jeanette looked at my food diary and made a few simple suggestions that made all the difference in the world. Her healthy eating plan and suggestion to measure out my protein intake, kick started my metabolism and within the first week, I dropped 3 pounds! Not only was I eating more food, but I had so much more energy and wasn't hungry between meals. I also started taking her Body Sculpting class which enabled me to work out for a shorter amount of time, yet yielded better results than my hour workouts on my own.
By my wedding day, I had dropped almost 5 pounds and lost 3% of my body fat. Most important - I feel the best I've felt in a long time! Jeanette rocks...just looking at her should motivate anyone to want to work with her!!

Micheal Kiely - Dreamworks, Glendale, CA ( Dreamfit member )
My name is Micheal Kiely and I am lucky enough to have Jeanette as my body sculpting / fitness trainer.
Although I have studied Martial Arts for over 30 years and have always been in pretty decent shape, I couldn't understand why that extra body fat was so hard to get rid of ( turns out I was eating about half as much as I should for my activity level ) . Jeanette took one look at my food journal and straight away had me adding meals through out the day ( more protein, more veggies ) results followed. I have been working out with Jeanette now for a little over three months, three times a week and started to see an over all improvement within the first few weeks. The extra weight started to come off, my body shape improved and now I feel a whole lot stronger. She is a really great trainer, she is knowledgeable, motivating, no nonsense and always manages to make tough workouts fun. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to get in shape.
If you want RESULTS FAST.....Jeanette will take you there.


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